A House in the Hills

The shacks of Griffith Park

I want that house. The modern one in the middle with it’s own hill. One day, I will have a house in the hills.

That’s what I said when we first moved to Los Angeles.

Hollywood…land of dreams. What better thing to dream of than a mansion in the hills? I mean it’s impossible to ignore. Those houses are EVERYWHERE. (really, what DO these people do?). You’ve made it then right? On top of the world (or at least Los Angeles). Gazillions of dollars. A dream come true. Success. Happiness.

Last winter, I was on one of my many Los Feliz neighborhood walks with Brin when I was daydreaming of living in one of these houses. I really thought about it this time. Put myself (as I was in my life at that very moment) in the house. And I finally realized something. That house would not make me happy.

I’m sure all of you reading this have already figured this out in life. That money doesn’t buy happiness. I thought I knew that but for some reason I had always been obsessed with living in a huge, beautiful house. Maybe it was those dream home tours I went on as a kid. Whatever it was, success and happiness to me looked like a house in the hills.

I got a new job a little over a year ago (where I’m actually making less money, funnily enough). It’s a job that suits my soul better. A job that has taught me how to eat healthier. And how to have a life/work balance, which has allowed me to incorporate kickboxing in my life. (It’s amazing how physical strength can increase inner strength. Another realization that I’m sure all of you have already figured out. I’ve always been a late bloomer.)

So more than a year after that walk with Brin, I was on another one today in the same neighborhood. Still in awe of these gorgeous houses, I tried it again. I put myself (as I am in life at this moment) in the house. And I couldn’t stop smiling. Because I imagined feeling the same way I feel in our one bedroom apartment. Happy.

Although living on your own hill would be pretty damn sweet…


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