"Irises" by Vincent van Gogh at The Getty Center

The first month of 2011 was definitely eventful, which is a lot of the reason why it’s taken me so long to update the blog. I got a new job. Five more days in the agency world and then I’m off to Whole Foods Market Woodland Hills as a Marketing Supervisor. Of course I’m a little nervous for the change, but I’m mostly really excited for it. Did I mention I only have five more days in the agency world?

I’ve had four improv classes with UCB and I have loved every minute. I’m still surprised that so many things I’ve learned on stage relate off stage. For example, point of view. It’s crucial to come on stage into a scene with your own perspective. And it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s truthful. I’ve always had this voice in my head judging the level of funny or smartness in what I’m saying. Well that voice can shove it because the beauty of improv is that it allows you to be your true self. It may take a few classes to be comfortable with that, but that’s what it’s about.

On Saturday I volunteered with Step Up Women’s Network at The Getty Center (which made me appreciate California’s beauty again). We walked around with the teen girls and discussed their (our) thoughts on the art. I was reminded of what Mr. I always says about art – that it should make you think. Is there a correct answer to what it should make you think about? Not really. Although most artists probably have their own purpose, everyone viewing it has their own perspective. It felt great to encourage each girl to talk about what she thought about the pieces. And it was okay if it was different than the others.

In high school, that inner voice that judges is pretty loud. It was for me anyway. You try to be yourself yet are persuaded by other voices so easily. Those voices are still there in the “real” world; they just say different things. I’ve lost some perspective over the last couple of years, but I’m starting to regain it.

Five days …


3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Emily says:

    Great post Niss – I can totally relate!! I’m so glad to hear you found a new job and can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

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