Thanks and Giving

An LA Thanksgiving with Roland, Bryan, Steve and Andrew.

Thank you for …

friends, near or far.

family, by blood or law.

a job.

good health.



and a car.

What I have to give …

more smiles.

less frowns.




and more thanks.

for all of the above.



After a few weeks of adjusting to this work thing again, I’m back at the blog. Sorry for the delay (because I know you all are soooo sad when there isn’t a new post).

It’s been … challenging. I’m an Account Executive at Velocity Marketing now. We do all sorts of marketing and advertising for Chevy dealerships. It’s busy. Really, really busy. And it’s all new for me and there is A LOT to learn. Starting a new job is stressful. So many expectations. I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I don’t want to screw up. Which really translates to me striving to be perfect. And beating myself up when I’m not.

Not only did I start at Velocity recently, I also worked as a server for the first time for Along Came Mary, an event production company, last Saturday. I haven’t been a server since college and I’ve never done it for an event. Especially not for such a high profile event like this. It was A Happening to Raise Money for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Just a little nerve racking. Remember Aunt Becky from Full House? She was at my table. Beck performed. Will Ferrell was there. Gwen and Gavin (they just might be the perfect couple). Among the mega rich also included Rachel Zoe, Rachel Bilson, Chloe Sevigny and Mila Kunis …which leads me back to the Black Swan trailer I posted (starring Mila and Natalie Portman).

It hasn’t been all work over the last few weeks. We’ve seen shows at the Hollywood Improv. Some good (Craig Robinson, John Dore Nick Kroll). Some bad (Kato Kaelin, yes, really, Kato Kaelin). We’ve also seen a lot of free movie screenings through the Producers Guild of America. My favorites include Winter’s Bone, Blue Valentine, Fair Game and definitely Black Swan. (Go see all of them!)

Black Swan is trippy, thrilling, disturbing, sexy and beautiful all at the same time. The producers did a Q & A after and explained that Natalie Portman did ballet training on her own dime for a year before filming. It paid off. Her performance is, dare I say, near perfect. I normally don’t love dark thrillers but I kind of related to this one. Don’t worry, I’m not crazy. I’m not a lot of things that are in this film, but I do get in my own way like Nina does to herself in her obsession with perfection. I’ll stop there to not give anything away.

I made mistakes serving. I also made mistakes at my new job. I’ve been angry with myself, but continuing to be angry is just going to get in my way. The only thing I can do is learn from my mistakes and not make them again. And remind myself that practice makes “perfect.” Natalie didn’t just wake up and film an amazing performance as a ballerina. She practiced over and over for a year.

And for all of those perfect looking celebrities at the gala … well, that’s just thousands of dollars worth of personal stylists. And plastic surgery.